The Dalí Challenge: a virtual tour of the Catalan legend's masterpieces

Madrid hosts the world première of this spectacular exhibition of Salvador Dalí's work. An innovative format that showcases the various facets of the legendary artist's genius through the digital world and new technologies. Using their mobile phone, visitors are immersed in a guided tour of the unrivalled Catalan artist's pieces and the historical landscape in which they were created.

The Dalí Challenge - You Know Nothing About Me.

The entrance to this interactive virtual tour of the masterpieces crafted by one of Spain's most brilliant artists of all time is peppered with loaves of three-cornered bread, in a nod to the façade of the Dalí Theatre-Museum in Figueras, home to many of Salvador Dalí's creations. Visitors take the tour with mobile phones out and headphones in - they'll give you some at reception if you forget your own - tuned in to the entertaining, educational audio that guides us through the intricacies of this magnificent exhibition.

A movie still of a young Dalí greets the visitor and immediately compels us to zigzag across a space featuring the artist's paintings spanning the decades, from his earliest pieces through to his death in 1989. The various audio tracks guide us through each of the phases of the legend's life, putting each of his works into its historical context and lingering, in each different decade, on one of the most symbolic pieces of the period. ‘The Persistence of Memory’, ‘Christ of Saint John of the Cross’ and ‘The Pearl’ - the latter of which is depicted in motion using augmented reality - are some of the star features of the exhibition.

At the end of this journey, we find ourselves in an enormous circular room where the endless artistic facets of the great Dalí are displayed on a series of screens. The artist's forays into the world of cinema, advertising, illustration, events and jewellery. A spectacular micro-mapping version of ‘Chalice of Life’ is another mind-blowing surprise this exhibition has in store. We will also be immersed in the world of Gala, the love of Dalí's life and his muse of many years. The visitor even becomes the star of the show, immersed in video within some of the legendary artist's classic creations.

Surrealism and the world of dreams

Surrealism, the artistic movement of which Dalí was something of an icon, and the world of dreams which so keenly inspired his art, also feature prominently at the exhibition. We gain a fascinating insight into the unique creative process based on Dalí's legendary spoon-in-hand siestas, which inspired some of his most celebrated works. We are even invited to snap a selfie with ‘Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee around a Pomegranate a Second before Awakening’, a surrealist pièce de résistance.

3D versions of Dalí's works are another treat for the visitor - Dalí honed this technique by creating various identical pieces and combining them for a 3D effect - and a virtual reality experience takes us on a hot air balloon ride over some of the landscapes that inspired the Figueras-born genius. A challenge indeed, and one you won't regret.

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